Domina Visuki

I am a True Sadist, a wild night Creature, a Musician, Artist and Natural Born Dominatrix.

The Alternative World is My Playground, the Dark Side of Fetish is where I thrive, and what thrills Me the most is the process of purification I deem necessary in order for you (submissive or slave) to TRULY SUBMIT and SURRENDER to a Supreme Female; this is achieved through strict discipline, psychological re-programming, physical pain, body conditioning and mind control.

"Fetish" to Me isn't dressing up for the club once a month, it's a tree which branches and roots never stop growing and expanding, a multitude of concepts, an attitude statement  covering not only BDSM, but all aspects of life, from the every day to the arts, where affectations, bullshit, fakery, consumistic race, materialistic gain and the posers who feed on such crap have no place at ALL.

I LOVE PLAYING MUSIC AND THE EMPOWERING FEELING BEING ON STAGE BRINGS ME, as a sort of a narcissistic vessel connecting My TRUE essence to My Performing Personas...I love the sweat, the crowd, the adrenaline, the explosive energy that gushes through My veins when performing, feelings all very similar to the ones I experience when I tug the chain clipped to your collar wih one hand and fiercely crack My whip on your bare scarlet bottom, dispensing another lash..and another..and another..

I play in a Power Violence/Crossover Thrash band, fast as FUCK, in your FACE and as offensive as it can get in order to avoid incarceration (HAHA), which I've been regularly touring the UK and Europe with for the past 10 years. I love touring, the rough side of which (loading and unloading equipment, endless hours in the tourvan, sleeping on floors and more drinking than eating) helped Me forging the stamina I truly need during always intense Sessions - besides the discipline I acquired through years of Kung Fu Training, of course..


I might be a Punk-Rock Chick from Hell, but I am also an intelligent, witty and educated Woman; My first approach to Music was through Classical Piano, which I studied at the Conservatory of Music in Venice for over 10 years (and I still love); after obtaining a Degree in Fine Arts, I played Jazz professionally for a few years before relocating to London, where I focused My attention to electric bass - and heavier sounds...


I do not compromise, I set the rules, and I will never allow anything nor anybody stopping me from achieving the extreme pleasure that enforcing such rules brings me.

DV  paddle_1 bluish contrast DV squatting BW

''I do not compromise, I set the rules, and it is the enforcement of such rules that brings Me that extreme, toxic pleasure I’m so driven to achieve''

''Disrespect Mistress, and you will pay the consequences''

''Break My Dungeon rules, and you will pay the consequences''

Being a passionate conversationalist, I love engaging in animated discussions of all sorts, and It's because of this very curiosity that I will provide you with an exceptional experience at ALL levels.

Remember, I'm not a little girl anymore, but a Dominatrix in My early 40's; I've been around a bit, and it's very clear to Me what I like, what I don't like and what I seek...


So, as you probably already understood so far, I am not a conventional Dominatrix: My look alone - piercings, tattoos, scarifications, as well as My intriguing accent, firm hand and strict attitude often drove subs to describe Me as particularly intimidating; what should worry you, however, isn't My appearance, but My wickedly sadistic nature, My twisted imagination and My - mostly sudden - terrifying mood changes. Having said that, it really doesn't mean that I am not capable of a laugh - especially when I'd be laughing AT you...


What you should expect from Me is a different concept of Dominant Female, with My own alternative style, lots of broken fishnet tops and stripy stockings, short skirts, suspenders, leather and denim...I do prefer PVC to rubber/latex, especially when it comes to footwear such as knee high boots or stiletto shoes (which I have an extensive collection I love to wear during Sessions), as due to the shiny nature of the material it provides Me with incredible pleasure when commanding subs and slaves to worship, clean and polish them with their tongue to satisfaction..


If you dare entering My twisted sadistic world, I'll show you how deliciously I can slowly gain control of your mind;

how through humiliation and sensory deprivation you'll learn the true meaning of the word "RESPECT";


how through the endless ways I can use to inflict physical and psychological torture and punishment you'll be guided to finally abandon yourself to the will of Mistress, which you'll end up craving surrendering to more than anything you ever experienced before...

Unconventionally Alternative, Fiercely Dominant, Charismatically Passionate, a Natural Born Sadist, Musician, Martial Arts+Adrenaline Addict, Cats Obsessed, In-your-face Opinionated, THE Queen of All Darkest Fantasies & Fetishes, a Keen Disciplinarian & CP Freak.

 What I AM:  

What I AM NOT:

                                       A fucking POSER; a hypocrite; one of the (TOO MANY) unbearable empty MORONS terrified of individuality polluting Earth's gene-pool; vegetarian NOR vegan; an opportunistic ASSHOLE.